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EDO FUSION history

What distinguishes EDO SUSHI BAR (nowadays already called "old" EDO) and what is appreciated by food critics and the wide group of regular visitors of this longest-running sushi bar in Cracow is the constant and sometimes even conservative holding to traditional rules of the Japanese cuisine. This is reflected, for example, in the form and size of the sushi, the use of only top quality Japanese products or faithful duplication of Japanese recipes. At the same time however, we observed a growing interest and recognition our guests showed for the novelties we gradually, or rather timidly, introduced to the menu. The consequence of these observations was the idea of ​​expanding our offer by dishes of Japanese origin, enriched by distinct fusion elements. The idea has taken shape in the newly opened EDO FUSION ASIAN CUISINE restaurant. In the menu of the "new" EDO, you will find interesting dishes of an  undoubtedly Japanese provenance, enriched with flavors and aromas of Thai, Mexican and Mediterranean reminiscences... We hope that the taste of our dishes will turn out to be an all-round interesting and unforgettable experience.

EDO FUSION ASIAN CUISINE was founded for the love of food, discovering and creating it. The beginning of our culinary adventure was sushi, which fascinated us with its taste, form and diversity. 

Out of this fascination emerged EDO SUSHI BAR in 2005, which gained recognition among culinary lovers and become a permanent fixture on the gastronomic map of Krakow. But our hearts and taste buds were conquered not only by the Japanese cuisine, but also Thai and Chinese ones. We are also strong supporters of the Polish cuisine, tastes learned from our moms and grandmothers. We love the Mediterranean cuisine too. Our recipes cannot lack tastes brought back from long journeys either. In the kitchen we appreciate simplicity, freshness and originality. All this led to the idea of ​​establishing EDO FUSION ASIAN CUISINE the place where we can share our passion with you. From the beginning we work with a very talented and creative chef TOMASZ STANEK, who shares our passion for cooking. It is thanks to his talent, joint discussions and experimentation the EDO FUSION ASIAN CUISINE menu came to be. In it you will certainly find interesting dishes with an undoubtedly Japanese provenance, but enriched with flavors and aromas of Thai, Mexican or perhaps even Mediterranean reminiscences. We hope that the taste of our dishes will be by all means an interesting and memorable culinary experience for you.